Leed Logo Sagoma Construction Services, Inc. is certified with the State of the local government agencies in the tri-county area. We also have Healthcare and residential certifications in Broward County.

State Certifications:

    • MBE and DBE certifications.

County Certification:

      • Broward County – CBE and SBE Certification
      • Broward County Public Schools – MBE Certification
      • Palm Beach County – SBE Certification
      • School District of Palm Beach County – SBE and MBE Certification
      • Miami Dade County – CSBE and SBE Certification
      • Miami Dade County Public School – SBE and MBE Certification

Healthcare Certification:

      • Broward Healthcare Certification – Certified Diverse Vendor
      • Palm Beach County Healthcare District

Residential Certifications:

      • Broward County Housing Authority