Brian Powell – President
As the President of Sagoma Construction Services, Inc , Brian Powell is involved in areas such as Project Engineering, Supervision, Project Management and Business Development. Brian is actively involved in the day to day operations of the company. He places great emphasis on client relations, financial controls, contracting, and administrative operations.

Mr. Powell has over 18 years of experience in the Construction Industry, honing his skills working under the leadership of large Construction Management firms. He is distinguished by his exceptional technical and management knowledge gained by working on a wide range of projects though out his career. He graduated from Florida County Certifications International University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management.
Brian is a certified General Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional and an active member of the Minority Builders Coalition.

Terry Byrd – Vice President

As Vice President, Terry works closely with the Project Managers, Superintendents, and Field Foremen to ensure that all of our client’s goals are met during the construction process. Terry makes it his duty to remain focused on the day to day activities that keep Sagoma running smoothly.

Terry is a veteran in the Construction Industry with 30+ years of experience under his belt working with large scale Construction firms. Through his years in the industry, he has gained expert knowledge in all aspects of the construction field, with a strong emphasis Structural, Civil, Interior finishes and Roofing trades. His career spans over numerous projects in the South Florida County Certifications Region. Terry is also a member of the Labor Union of Florida County Certifications and Carpenter’s Union of Florida County Certifications.